BEST SMALL BOOTH AWARD Spring 2016 March 04 2016

HEELERZ Gemstones is pleased to let you all know that we won the Best Small Booth Award(under 300 sq ft) at The Alberta Gift Show Spring 2016. It is such an honor to be recognized for something you love to do:)

Tannia and I have listened, after 5 years of tweaking and creating a space that is comfortable and fun to shop in we won. Thank you everyone for your input and enthusiasm every time we had a show. You helped to make us what we are today. 

Who are Tannia and Trenna? October 17 2015

Ever wonder who the two sisters behind heelerz really are?
We put together this fun, little questionnaire so you can get to know us a little better. Enjoy!


What is your favourite colour?


 Tannia: Ever changing. These days are my purple phase. Past loves, olive green and amber.

Trenna: Robin's Egg Blue

What is your favourite scent?

Tannia: Roses

Trenna: Rose

(We didn't even answer these together!)

What is your favourite gemstone?

Tannia: Rose quartz. We all need more love in our lives, both for ourselves and others. Rose quartz makes me feel more loving.

Trenna: Moonstone 

What is one secret about yourself?

Tannia: The ocean completes me. The smell, the sound, the feel of the surf and sand on my toes, the treasures found.... As close to heaven as I can get here on earth.

Trenna: I colour my hair. 

Where can we find you when you’re not working?

Tannia: Reading, getting my hands in the dirt, researching, always creating.

 Trenna: In the garden. 

What things are most precious to you?

Tannia: Photos of my loved ones, my velvet bedspread, the music shaker I shared with my dad. My daughters' letters. Nancy's angel.

Trenna: My family, my animals, bubble baths, fire time at the lake, my garden.

How do you want to be remembered?

Tannia: Passionate, loving, lived my life with Grace and gratitude. That I chose love.

Trenna: Caring, nurturing, loving, knowledgeable, beautiful.


 Want to know more? Check out our about  page.




Comfort Collection provides alternative support for Cancer Patients May 21 2015

Our dad was diagnosed with lung and liver Cancer in Jan 2014. He was put on oxygen at that time. We discovered that he also had asbestos poisoning. Originally he was only given two weeks to live but because he was so vibrant and had so much to live for, he was offered chemo to extend his life.

My sister and I are very passionate about helping animals and their humans. We developed an essential oil formula called the Travel Collection. It has basil, peppermint and ginger. It is for emotional and physical travel support. Along with our aromatherapy we also introduced 3 stones to the collection. Dumorteriete, moonstone and citrine. When Dad was diagnosed, we decided to try using our travel collection to support him during chemotherapy. We where hoping that it would help with the nausea, vomiting, anxiety, dizziness and many other side effects of the drugs.

We used our pure Travel formula in the ultrasonic diffuser and we used our Travel Collection salve to massage his feet regularly. He also wore a leather Travel collection bracelet. What we wanted to share with you is that he experienced no nausea, no vomiting, no swelling, no mouth sores etc. He was like a super hero on Chemo. The formula brought him so much comfort and relief.


Dad was with us for 9 beautiful months. A true blessing that we will forever hold in our hearts. We had the chance to make many wonderful memories. Many doctors and specialists asked us what we where doing to support him so well. They would tell us to keep doing it because it was amazing.

We have since changed the name of our Travel Collection to our Comfort Collection. We are so grateful for the amount of people it has helped on their journey.

Our Comfort Collection Aromatherapy has a combination of Basil, Ginger and Peppermint and is available in a our essential oil, a 3% dilution Roll-on and a 1% dilution salve. 

We also used the Gemstones in this collection which consist of Moonstone, Citrine and Dumourturite. These stones are available in a touchstone bag, stretch bracelet and leather bracelet as well as our Mala Beads. 


Custom orders are always welcome. 

Our Essential Oil Blends are loved by all February 12 2015


Got 3 hours of horsey time today and wanted to share that my ponies Romeo & Fancy love, love the grace salve!!! Lots of licking and yawning! They were in heaven. Thank you ladies for making such beautiful and healing blends.



Moonstone June 07 2013

June 7, 2013

Exciting news at Pet Heelerz. We will be launching our new Travel Collection of stones at the North American July 5-7. We are so looking forward to being back at Spruce Meadows for the event. We love that venue.

After doing extensive research, we have selected three stones that support all conditions that can create travel sickness. The stress of traveling or travel worries,  motion sickness, and the physical result of those problems. Moonstone, Citrine and Dumortierite are all great stones that help can with travel sickness. Today we will be discovering Moonstone and it's many attributes.

We specifically chose Moonstone as one of our Travel Collection because it is know to offer protection to travelers. It can ease the digestive system, calm excess acid in the stomach, and it's soothing to the inner self and emotions.
In antiquity moonstone was called selenitis. It is a creamy, somewhat cheesy looking stone with a color and luminosity that is reminiscent of the moon. Being associated with the moon, it has always been a stone of love. Moonstone also has an important affinity with the moon in its influence on the breeding cycle and hormonal fluctuations in female humans and animals. The most beautiful moonstones are found in Sri Lanka and India.

Chakra associations: sacral, solar Plexus
Common sources: India, Sri Lanka, Australia, USA
Astrological association: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio

Some recommendations for Moonstone in Animal Healing:
* digestive problems
* nervousness, stabilizes emotions
* hyperactivity and hysteria
* mothering and nurturing
* orphaned youngsters
* stressful births
* overall calming effect
* regulates hormone balances
* helps with mother/offspring bonding

Some associated healing attributes of Moonstone for Humans:
* new beginnings and endings
* helps with water retention, constipation, digestive issues
* swelling and insect bites
* helps with over sensitivity
* brings good luck and a happy home
* wisdom and passion
* fertility and all associated female problems
* brings calm, control and balance
* peace of mind, caring and compassion
* stimulates inner reflection, intuition, insight.

Moonstone chemical composition: potassium aluminum silicate.
Color: white, cream, yellow, brown, blue, green or rainbow
Hardness: 6 to 6.5

Purification and cleansing using dry sea salt or tumbled hematite stones, especially after each menstruation. Recharge Moonstone on you windowsill
 in the moonlight.

*A special thanks and recognition to all of the great writers in this field.
My information is a compilation of bits and pieces from the many books and online information out there. I am so grateful for all  of the insight.*

BC JADE May 24 2013


May 24, 2013

Today we discover the last gemstone in our Spirit Collection, BC or Nephrite Jade. It is one of Canada's beautiful resources found mostly in the northern mountains. Nephrite Jade is the historical Chinese Jade, or Stone of Heaven, revered by the Chinese for more than 5,000 years. Nephrite is prized for its special qualities — its extreme toughness, (the toughest of any natural stone), its alluring translucency and its smooth polished feel.

The name nephrite is derived from the Greek nephron, meaning kidneys, because it is said stone has a  power to cure kidney diseases. The Maya's believed that it staved off wounds. In Ancient China, nephrite was cut into heart shapes and worn on the chest. It was thought to protect against external and internal wounds. We choose it for our Spirit Collection for its calming and relaxing effects. This heart stone is recommended when working with abused or rescued animals. 

Chakra associations: heart 
Common alternative names: greenstone
Common sources: Canada. USA, China
Astrological association: Cancer, Libra

Some recommendation for BC Jade in animal healing:
* calms and soothes aggression.
* helps animals settle into new environments.
* gives strength to newborns.
* anger and aggression
* past abuse.
* rescue animals.
* releases the stresses in an animal that render it aggressive.
* ability to calm and soothe the mental states that provoke the animal to act violently.

Some associated healing attributes of BC Jade for Humans:
* good for protection.
* chronic bladder infections, incontinence, kidney problems
* general health and metabolism.
* immune system and adrenal glands.
* helps bacterial and viral infections 
* stress-related physical conditions.
* good for yin/yang balance
* brings wisdom and inner peace
* creativity
* calming and relaxing
* protects against aggression.
* helps the wearer maintain his own identity even in difficult situations.
* hope and personal happiness

Nephrite  chemical composition: a silicate of calcium and magnesium.
Color: pure white to all different shades of green.
Hardness:  6 to 6.5

Purification and cleansing when the stone becomes cloudy under warm running water. Recharge by placing in the sunlight for a few hours. 

*A special thanks and recognition to all of the great writers in this field. 
My information is a compilation of bits and pieces from the many books and online information out there. I am so grateful for all  of the insight.*


Green Aventurine May 10 2013


May 10, 2013

Wow it seems like forever since I have blogged. Crazy month of April! 
We did it. The Mane Event in Red Deer was so amazing. We met the most wonderful souls. Our products where so well received. We where so touched by everyone's support. 

This weekend we celebrate all of the mothers in our lives. 

Treasured Friends, Divas, Nanas and Aunties. 
Grans, Mamas, grandmothers and Cousins.
All beautiful, gracious, wonderful Mothers. 
Walk with pride for all that you have given.
Be grateful for all that has been given to you.

Today lets look at the beautiful stone Green Aventurine. As part of our Spirit Collection it is a perfect heart stone for Mothers Day.

This cool green quartz crystal is strongly indicated for various emotional problems in animals and humans. In ancient Greece Aventurine was sewn into the cloths of men going to war to preserve their courage and optimism. It is said to enhance the sense of humor and cheerfulness of its possessor. 

Chakra association: heart
Common sources: Brazil, India, Russia, 
Astrological association: Aries, Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius

Some recommendations for Green Aventurine in animal healing:
* boosts resistance to stressful situations
* heals emotional scars
* confidence
* soothes fear and nervousness 
* over sensitivity
* past abuse
* building close, trusting relationships
* also beneficial to nervous riders.

Some associated healing attributes of Green Aventurine for humans:
* creativity
* pre-exam and exam stress
* good for muscles, adrenals and urogenital system
* protects, calms and soothes emotions
* aids in relaxation
* helps those who do not feel loved and have difficulty opening their hearts
* favors empathy and compassion
* reinforces, stabilizes and regenerates the heart
* insomnia
* supports during the treatment of malignant diseases

Green Aventurine chemical composition: Silicate oxide. A form of quartz.
Color: green, may appear sparkly because of the presence of mica.
Hardness: 7
Crystal system: trigonal
Purification and cleansing: cleanse in cold water, salt water,  sunlight. Recharge with other quartz crystal or sunlight. Recommended every two weeks. More often if using it for specific healing.

*A special thanks and recognition to all of the great writers in this field. 
My information is a compilation of bits and pieces from the many books and online information out there. I am so grateful for all  of the insight.*

Rose Quartz April 12 2013

April 12, 2013 
Rescue and rehabilitation of the Spirit... Something all of us need, to some extent, in todays face paced, stressful world. Rose quartz is part of our Spirit Collection. Its one of my ultimate favorite stones. Unconditional love and acceptance without fear. Imagine a place where we all lived by that. 
It's said that if you keep a piece of Rose Quartz in each corner of your bedroom, you will experience the most loving relationships.Check out our bags of Raw Cut Rose Quartz Crystals. They are perfect for placing around the home. You can also create an essence by placing them in your animals water dish. Great for community pet bowls. We have noticed that all of the pets that share it become more loving and gentle to one another. According to ancient legend, Eros brought Rose Quartz to the Earth in the hope that it's beautiful color would arose love and desire among people. Today this very important and easily recognizable pinkish stone is an essential part of a crystal collection. It is one of the most beneficial gemstones when working with rescued and abused animals. 
Chakra association: Heart 
Common sources: United States, Madagascar, Brazil, India, South Africa 
Astrological association: Taurus, Libra 
Some recommendations for using Rose Quartz in animal healing: * dissipates fear, engenders confidence and love * opens the heart chakra to release stored up negative emotions * brings gentleness, softening hardened traits * soothes and reduces stress * encourages trust with other animals and humans * nervousness, anger and aggression * eases muscle tension and ridigity * softening effect to the mind, body and spirit. 
Some associated healing attributes for humans: * transmits unconditional love for oneself and others * supportive in moments of emotional stress and shock * encourages forgiveness and trust * depression * gentleness, tenderness, absolute calm and a connection to ones spiritual self * balances all systems of the body * strengthens the heart * increases fertility * radiation * good for writing, art and music * opens the mind to beautiful things 
Rose quartz chemical composition: Silicon and manganese oxide Color: translucent pale pink to dark pink Hardness: 7 Crystal system: trigonal Purification and cleansing: cleanse in cold water, salt water, sunlight. Recharge with other quartz crystal or sunlight. Recommended every two weeks. More often if using it for specific healing. 
 *A special thanks and recognition to all of the great writers in this field. My information is a compilation of bits and pieces from the many books and online information out there. I am so grateful for all of the insight.*

Blue Fluorite March 22 2013


March 22, 2012

Our Pet Heelerz Mind Collection of gemstones has been chosen for focus and concentration, balancing of the mind. In today's world we all seem to be so scattered mentally. Most of us complain about poor focus, problems remembering things and fatigue. Our mind collection stimulates and invigorates. Carnelian gives us confidence and zest for life. Turquoise balances our body's systems, helps us communicate what we are thinking and feeling. Snow quartz supports us while learning new things, clears the mind and brings clarity of thought. Today we are going to discover Blue Fluorite. 

Fluorite belongs to the spar family of gemstones. Like all other members of this family, it can be separated into flakes. According to folklore, it is the home of rainbows.  We have chosen to use the blue variety of Fluorite in our mind collection. We just love the color. It is a difficult stone to find. Most of the fluorite you will find is green, violet or rainbow colored; not all blue. Fluorite originates in acidic magnetic rocks, occasionally a result of weathering processes. You will find it cubic, octahedral crystals and masses. Many bands of color can be found in the same specimen.

Chakra association: throat
Common alternative names: feldspar, fluor spar, blue john
Common sources: England, France, Germany, China
Astrological association: Capricorn and Pisces

Some recommendations for using Blue Fluorite in animal healing: 
* Facilitates precision training
* balances the left and right sides of the brain
* improves mental focus and  learning ability.
* assimilation of nutrients, improving vitality both mentally and physically.
* strength of bones and teeth
* improves coordination in clumsy animals both young and old, which helps in training.

Associated Healing attributes for Humans:
* Focuses the mind and creates order out of chaos
* decision making
* good for speech
* supports the learning processes. Great for students
* enhances creative and logical thought
* calms and revitalizes
* fortifies bones, teeth and cells
* beneficial for eye, nose, ear and throat problems.
* reduces inflammation

Blue Fluorite chemical composition: Calcium fluoride
Color: all colors of the spectrum
Hardness: 4
Crystalline structure: cubic, octahedral 
Purification and cleansing: cleanse under cold running water, or sunlight.  Recharge in the sun or with quartz cluster. Do this once or twice a month.

Blue fluorite is a crystal that benefits us most by touching our skin directly. Keep it close to you. Touch it often. It is a smooth cool stone that quickly turns warm or hot when held. This is a reaction between Fluorites electromagnetic field and our own. We carry an full line of Blue fluorite products for you and your pets. Visit us at to check them out. One of my favorites is our blue fluorite stretch bracelet. It comes in small, medium and large. I am so thankful that we found a great supplier for this beautiful blue stone. 

*A special thanks and recognition to all of the great writers in this field. 
My information is a compilation of bits and pieces from the many books and online information out there. I am so grateful for all  of the insight.*

Snow Quartz March 15 2013


March 15, 2013

I want to start of today's blog by putting a GREAT BIG "THANK YOU" out to the staff of Lammles Western Wear on Sunridge way. We needed some pics of a horse with our gear, and outside was not an option these last few days. They have a full size horse on display in their store. The staff was so friendly and accommodating, I was very touched. 

Let's review our Mind Collection for focus and concentration, Balancing of the mind. So far we have discovered Carnelian and turquoise. Today we are going to look at Snow Quartz. This snowy or milky looking stone possesses the same properties as Quartz by at a much gentler, softer frequency. The milkiness is caused by a large number of liquid inclusions. It tends to be found in rough hewn chunks and not points. Using Snow quartz with other crystals intensifies their energetic vibrations.

Chakra association: crown
Common alternate names: quartzite, milky quartz
Common sources: USA, India
Astrological association: Capricorn

Some recommendations for using Snow Quartz for animal healing: 
* is worn to promote relaxation and release stress.
* It also enhances concentration and cooperation especially when conducting training sessions. 
*This stone is beneficial to the immune system and is great for treating all 
types of infections external and internal. 
*It is also helpful for skin allergies, rashes, bumps and bruises.

Associated Healing attributes for Humans:
*supports you while learning lessons
*helps you to let go of overwhelming responsibilities and limitations
*overcomes martyrdom and victimhood
*enhances tact and cooperation
*helps you to think before you speak
*clears the mind and brings clarity of thought.

Snow Quartz chemical composition: A kind of quartz. Silicon dioxide
Color: soft white to solid white
Hardness: 7
Crystalline structure: Trigonal
Purification and cleansing: cleanse under running water and recharge in the sun. Do this once or twice a month.

One of the newest additions to our product line is Palmstones. We received our Snow Quartz shipment yesterday. Love them. They even have a little sparkle for those of you who like some bling. We will be adding them to our on-line store shortly. Make sure to visit us to check them out. They fit perfectly in your pocket or palm so you can bring them with you anywhere and feel their calming attributes.

*A special thanks and recognition to all of the great writers in this field. 
My information is a compilation of bits and pieces from the many books and online information out there. I am so grateful for all  of the insight.*

Turquoise March 08 2013


March 8, 2013

Today let's discover turquoise. We chose this unique stone for its ability to help us see the beauty in everything. Turquoise, along with carnelian, snow quartz and blue fluorite, make up our Mind Collection. These stones are recommended for focus and concentration, balancing of the mind. One of my favorite products in our line for pets is our HEELERZ charms. They are available is size small, medium, large, loop and clip styles. Hand made and designed by us to fit onto any size collar, harness or leash.  Visit to check out our turquoise Heelerz.

Turquoise is a stone of Protection. It was discovered by crusaders in turkey, the country in which it's named for. Long been considered the "holy stone" by First Nations, turquoise is a very popular choice among riders and their horses.  They believed the stone protected them from harm.  Turquoise objects where found  in ancient Greek  and Egyptian tombs, it was considered a protection stone of antiquity and the ancient stone of power.

Chakra association: all chakras, mainly the throat.
Common sources: USA, China, Tibet, Afghanistan, Austria, Iran, Israel, Tanzania, Arizona, Mexico.
Astrological association: Scorpio, sagittarius, Pisces. Linked to Aquarius.

Let's look at some of the recommendation for using turquoise in animal healing:
* Master Healer, can be used for anything.
* Communication. Great for training. Even more effective if worn by the animal and the owner, trainer, groomer etc.
* Protects against negativity and environmental pollutions
* Balances, aligns and fortifies all chakras and meridians.

Some of the associated healing attributes:
Protects travelers
Courage, communication and creative expression
Helps with public speaking and writing
Master healer. Good for muscles, circulation, lungs, throat, absorption of nutrients.
Aids detox
Alleviates the harmful effects of radiation.
Good for emotional balance
Offers mental and spiritual clarity to see your path in life.
Cures infections and speeds recovery after illness
Alleviates pain and reduces inflammation

Turquoises chemical composition: basic hydrated aluminum and copper phosphate.
Color: blue, turquoise, green
Hardness:  5 to 6
Crystalline structure: triclinic
Purification and cleansing: cold water, dry tumbled hematite stones. Recharge with a quartz cluster or rock crystals.

Many people are naturally drawn to this amazing crystal. For anyone who has difficulty communicating their thoughts and feelings, or those who can't control their vocal outbursts, turquoise is the stone for you. It's most effective when worn close to your throat or your heart. My sister and I have busy creating new designs for people. We are  hoping to launch them by the end of April. Great new necklace styles, leather medicine pouches to carry your favorite stones, stretch meditation malas that convert from necklace to wrap bracelet in seconds. These will make it easy to choose a beautiful piece of turquoise and keep it close to you. Check them out online at

*A special thanks and recognition to all of the great writers in this field.
My information is a compilation of bits and pieces from the many books and online information out there. I am so grateful for all  of the insight.*

Carnelian March 01 2013

March 1, 2013 Over the past few weeks we have discovered our Body Collection of gemstones. Black tourmaline, tiger iron, citrine and smoky quartz, all amazing crystals that strengthen the body and help rid us of toxins. This week we start looking at our Mind Collection which we recommended for focus and concentration, balancing of the mind. Carnelian is stone we will discover today. Carnelian is one of the oldest gemstones in history. The Egyptians carried carnelian with them as a source of vitality and energy. It was placed in tombs for life after death. Its a variety of the chalcedony family. Carnelians name came from the Latin corneolus, meaning "cherry". The orange to dark red carnelian gets its color from the presence of iron in the stone. Chakra association: sacral and root Alternate common names: cornelian, sard Common sources: Uruguay, Brazil, Czech Republic, Egypt, England, and India Astrological association: Taurus, Cancer, Leo Let's look at some of the recommendations for using Carnelian in animal healing: * Boosts confidence. Energizes and rejuvenates. * Used for lack of metal focus. Helps to stimulate the mind and clear mental confusion. Training problems. * enhances the sense of touch. Carrying carnelian is beneficial for both animal, trainer and therapist while providing training and treatments. * mentally and physically stimulates the faculties of older animals. Some of the Associated healing attributes: Feel better stone Helps with study, memory, inspiration, speech and voice. Vitality, courage and self-esteem. Can relieve laziness Zest for life Problems with appetite and eating disorders. Banishes negative emotions such as anger, envy, fear, confusion and jealousy. Carnelian chemical composition: silicon and iron oxide. A kind of quartz, member of the chalcedony family. Color: yellow, orange, red, brownish orange, brownish red and all colors in between. Hardness: 6.5 to 7 Crystalline structure: Trigonal Purification and cleansing: carnelian can be cleansed using cold water, salt water and sunlight. Recharge in abundant sunlight or with a quartz cluster. Carnelian is an intriguing stone to touch and play with. Hold one in your hand. Feel its energy. Sometimes it feels soft, sometimes hard, sometimes you feel a greater sense of touch. Almost like a zap in your fingertips. Amazing! Carnelian, along with turquoise, blue fluorite and snow quartz are stones specifically chosen for our Mind Collection. Check out our store @ for lots of pet and people products available in our Mind Collection.