Comfort Collection provides alternative support for Cancer Patients May 21 2015

Our dad was diagnosed with lung and liver Cancer in Jan 2014. He was put on oxygen at that time. We discovered that he also had asbestos poisoning. Originally he was only given two weeks to live but because he was so vibrant and had so much to live for, he was offered chemo to extend his life.

My sister and I are very passionate about helping animals and their humans. We developed an essential oil formula called the Travel Collection. It has basil, peppermint and ginger. It is for emotional and physical travel support. Along with our aromatherapy we also introduced 3 stones to the collection. Dumorteriete, moonstone and citrine. When Dad was diagnosed, we decided to try using our travel collection to support him during chemotherapy. We where hoping that it would help with the nausea, vomiting, anxiety, dizziness and many other side effects of the drugs.

We used our pure Travel formula in the ultrasonic diffuser and we used our Travel Collection salve to massage his feet regularly. He also wore a leather Travel collection bracelet. What we wanted to share with you is that he experienced no nausea, no vomiting, no swelling, no mouth sores etc. He was like a super hero on Chemo. The formula brought him so much comfort and relief.


Dad was with us for 9 beautiful months. A true blessing that we will forever hold in our hearts. We had the chance to make many wonderful memories. Many doctors and specialists asked us what we where doing to support him so well. They would tell us to keep doing it because it was amazing.

We have since changed the name of our Travel Collection to our Comfort Collection. We are so grateful for the amount of people it has helped on their journey.

Our Comfort Collection Aromatherapy has a combination of Basil, Ginger and Peppermint and is available in a our essential oil, a 3% dilution Roll-on and a 1% dilution salve. 

We also used the Gemstones in this collection which consist of Moonstone, Citrine and Dumourturite. These stones are available in a touchstone bag, stretch bracelet and leather bracelet as well as our Mala Beads. 


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