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Another happy customer... November 09 2015

Jan 18, 2013 For today's blog we wanted to share a special email we received from a person who attended the August Alberta Kennel Club show. She contacted us a few weeks back and was excited about sharing her experience with our Raw Cut Crystals. Contact Form Submission: Name: wende wagner OK..... I would love to give you the best testimony possible. I love the rose quartz. I now have a saint bernard that is and acts like a TRUE saint. This is a completely different dog. I attended the Alberta KC show at Spruce Medows where I met you . I bought rose and amethyst quartz. Unfortunately the baby girl I bought the amethyst quartz for didn't make until I got home. I was stranded in Chicago airport trying to get home to her. Anyway... Gunda is not the dog I had before the stones. She is now loving, sweet, caring and genuinely concerned for my well being. She now greets me at the front door, gives kisses to my hands, actually goes upstairs to my bedroom to wake me, and will venture into the main bathroom. WOW.. what a different dog. She has been with me for 8+ years and never did anything like this before.. LOVE the stones. Sometimes I stare into her chocolate brown loving eyes and giggle to her and say " I think I am going to take your rocks away!" I am recommending them to all my dog clients and friends. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Wende Wagner Kansas City, MO Soon to be in Mundare AB as a dog trainer Thanks so much Wende for sharing with us. We loved your email! Rose Quartz is one of our favorites. We can all use some unconditional love and acceptance in our lives. It's said that If you put a piece of rose quartz in each corner of your bedroom you will have the most loving and amazing relationships. For all our awesome followers that live in and around Calgary, we will be at Spruce Meadows this weekend. The Alberta Kennel Club Show is Jan 18 to 20th. Check out our collection of Raw Cuts crystals. We stock Rose Quartz, amethyst, green aventurine ad clear quartz. Each with their own unique healing attributes.