We have many beautiful and unique choices for your Pet and Horse. Each has been designed with their comfort and safety in mind.

The energy from crystal vibrations can affect the body to both help heal and influence the wearer emotionally, physically and spiritually. We offer 5 collections of precious gemstones to choose from, each with their common therapeutic attributes.

Heelerz Pet/Horse Charms are hand made with all natural products and fit directly on your pets collar or horses tack. We make them in a tie style to accommodate many sizes of collars and tack.

Our unique handmade leather pet necklaces are beautiful and great for animals that don’t wear collars. Each one is braided with antique dyed leather and precious gemstones. A sturdy spring clasp offers flexibility of sizing.

We also have created a wonderful line of Rhythm Beads. It is believed that the soft sound of brass bells used on ceremonial RHYTHM BEADS would calm the horses, allowing the horse and rider to become one, totally focused, truly harmonious. Others believe that the gentle sound of the bells accentuates the rhythm of the horses gait or improves their stride rhythm. The sound of the bells also creates a "white noise" effectively blocking distractions. Also great for alerting wildlife and other riders of your approach on the trail. Today, RHYTHM BEADS are being used as a valuable training aid to improve performance in the arena with timing and connection.

Custom orders are always welcome. Use our contact page if you have something special in mind.

If you are looking for unique one of a kind pieces then you have come to the right place. Everything is handmade in with love and intention in Alberta Canada.