Collection Bracelets

Our Collection Bracelets are designed and handmade by us. We chose to use natural wooden beads from the Philippines, metal spacers in certain sizes and precious gemstone beads. The beads are strung on vulcanized rubber cord for ease of wear and comfort. We make them in sizes medium and large and XL.

Spacer Beads used in each necklace include one of the following: Copper, gold, silver and gunmetal. No Choice on these unless you contact us for a special request. Otherwise we use our expertise to create a beautiful Piece which enhances the wood and stones. 

Wood Choices are Tiger Ebony (dark Brown), Rosewood (light pinkish/beige), and Bayong (warm orange/tan) These woods are natural and are not coated or treated with anything. So colours vary with each order. The natural oils in our skin enhance the colours over time to become these rich, beautiful tones. 

Centre Stones: We chose the best pieces to complement the chosen wood colour unless a special request is made through our contact us link. Our stock is constantly changing and it depends on availability from our suppliers around the world. Thank you for your understanding.