Like many of you, This passionate Mother's life revolves around the love for her family, her friends and her furry companions. Tannia was born in Regina Sask, but has lived most of her life in Calgary Alberta, Canada. Eight years ago, she was inspired to take her certification in Color and Crystal Therapy. One of the modules of study was "Crystal Therapy for Animals". Motivated by what she leant, Tannia used the knowledge from that course to see if she could support her dog Maddy, who suffered from travel sickness. The results where astounding and so HEELERZ gemstones was born. 

A simple plan has evolved into sixteen gemstones, four collections. The Balance of our Mind, body and spirit. Tannia chose the stones by listening to her intuition. That resulted in the perfect combinations of Gemstones with like attributes. She believes that these are incredible gifts and they are to be shared with all of you.

Tannia is very grateful for the love and support of her clients. She has been dedicated to building a unique company that provides quality hand made products, education and support to her many wonderful followers. The relationships she builds and the people and animals she touches are what's most important in her vision of success.

You will find Tannia working from her home, designing and creating new treasures to share. Special orders, product inquiries and personal recommendations are always welcome. She can be reached by contacting her directly at petheelerz@gmail.com.


Tannia has passionately created a unique company that provides quality handmade products, education, love and support to her many wonderful followers. These connections are what she’s most grateful for. Her dad always reminded her to “pass no judgements as you do not know their story.” This beautiful reminder Tannia keeps close to her heart everyday. Learning her customers “stories” and building amazing, genuine relationships is what Heelerz Gemstones is all about.   

To keep things simple is her motto. A safe place for clients to learn about gemstones and to give them the confidence to use them. She offers 16 stones organized into 4 collections. Each pet necklace, charm, rhythm beads, companion pack and wilderness bell is made with love an intention in Alberta, Canada. Tannia chooses the stones by listening to her intuition. She believes that they are beautiful gifts from the earth and her life purpose is to share them with you.