The idea of heelerz was born back in 2011 while Tannia was taking her Colour and Crystal Therapy certification. One of the modules of study was "Crystals  for Animals". Passionate about what she’d learnt, Tannia used the knowledge from that course to see if she could support her dog Maddy, who suffered terribly from travel sickness. The results were astounding and didn’t go unnoticed by Tannia’s sister, Trenna. Together, the two sisters decided to share the healing power of crystals with the world. Between Tannia’s knowledge, Trenna’s organizational superpowers and their joint love for animals and creating, the two of them were a perfect pair.
Fast forward, the sister duo has passionately created a unique company that provides quality handmade products, education, love and support to their many wonderful followers. Both sisters agree that the relationships they’ve built are what they’re most grateful for. They learnt a saying from their Dad: “pass no judgements as you do not know their story.” Along with teaching the sisters compassion, the saying also sparked intrigue. Because of this curiosity, every day Tannia and Trenna strive to learn their customers “stories” and build amazing, genuine relationships.
A simple plan has evolved into fifteen gemstones and five aromatherapy blends. The balance of our mind, body and spirit. It’s their mission to keep things as natural as possible. Each piece is handmade in Canada, and they only use A/B quality gemstones. Tannia chooses the stones and the essential oils by listening to her intuition. This has resulted in perfect combinations of gemstones and beautiful blends of essential oils. She believes that these are incredible gifts and that her purpose is to share them with you.
Heelerz HQ is located in Airdrie, AB with most of their products available online. If connecting with them in person is more your style, you can visit them at various specialty shows across Canada. Some of our past shows include Alberta Kennel Club Shows, The Mane Event in Red Deer, the Mane event in Chilliwack,  Christmas in Banff Market and MAKE IT EDMONTON Artisans Market. Check out where we’re headed to next here.


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Trenna.

I am the youngest of three girls in our family. I like to "Dig In" get my hands dirty, so for that reason I am an avid gardener. There is nothing like the feeling of having dirt between your fingers. I often do it for therapeutic reasons to ground myself. It’s a way for me to be creative in nature. I have always been a very creative person, always teaching myself with "How To" videos. My husband and I always have many projects on the go including woodworking, restoring old furniture, painting, beading, silverware wind chimes, etc. We are the kind of people that go to winners or the market and say "oh, we could make that.”

A big value in my life is my FAMILY, this includes the members with four legs. Every one of my family members is so important to me and I cherish each one with my heart. I especially appreciate and love my family for their support. From keeping me balanced to being flexible while we’re at shows, they’re extremely supportive. This allows me to do what I love and I am so grateful.

My path in life is to be a NURTURER, I am always striving for ways to help living things emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I worked with special needs children for 14 years so became very good at observation and working through challenges. I also have used this practice with my love for animals. I love my pack, my sisters pack, my friends pack. I have been blessed with many very balanced dogs, cats, horses, etc. in my life thus far. Don't get me wrong, there has been challenges but we have all worked through them, one day at a time, with amazing tools at hand. It is my hope to one day own my own ranch, a sanctuary for all the souls that are lost. It is there that I will Nurture them making their life whole again.

I do not pretend to be the "know it all" of all crystals, but I have my go to stones and am very knowledgeable and confident in their attributes. I Love our products, I am proud of our products and most importantly I believe in our products. My business is my passion. How amazing it is to be immersed in what you love every day.


Hi there, my name is Tannia.

Like many of you, I’m a devoted mother whose life revolves around the love for my family, friends and furry companions. I was born in Regina Sask, but have lived most of my life in Calgary Alberta, Canada. When I’m not working or spending time with my family you can often find me creating. Whether that’s with my hands in the dirt, writing, projects around the house, doing hair, drawing or working through an endless list of ideas know I’m in my happy place. Another things that puts me there is a new found love: music. From Singing to playing instruments to just listening, I so love how it makes myself and others feel.

I am grateful for so many things in my life. The ocean, photos of my loved ones, my velvet bedspread, the music shaker I shared with my dad, my daughters letters, roses. These days I am most grateful for all of the beautiful moments in my life. A wise man once told me “walk with your eyes wide open TJ or you’re going to miss it.” Being present and living for the day is such a challenge but it’s something I strive for everyday.

On any given day, you’ll find me passionately working from home, braiding new treasures, blending and packaging or designing products. I love finding new inspirations for designs that excite our followers. Along with creating, I am always researching, reading, and learning. This allows me to understand the needs of people and their animals, then provide them with a solution.

I absolutely love making connections and I am told I’m an excellent listener. One of the places I feel most alive is when we’re at shows. We get to spend such special time with the many incredible souls we meet there. These moments would be impossible for me to give up. I’m so thankful for the relationships we’ve formed and business we’ve created.    




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