Meet Our Comfort Collection

Our Comfort collection was originally known as our Travel Collection. Blended to support both the emotional and physical challenges of traveling. Anxiety, digestive upset, and motion sickness to name a few. Over the past few years we have come to discover that this collection has many more gifts to offer us. We have used it to support cancer patients while undergoing chemotherapy. Nausea, dizziness and swelling has been more manageable or non existent. Woman struggling with peri menopause have found support with their hot flashes, motion related disorders, nausea, and their emotions. There are three stones in this collection. Moonstone calms over sensitivity, eases the digestive system and calms excessive stomach acid. It also a perfect stone for woman because it supports of hormonal system. Dumortierite for our balance, headaches, stress and anxiety, our nervous system. We chose Citrine because it supports the immune system. It is a "feel better stone. Citrine also protects us from stress, radiation and shock. You can choose to use this collection of stones together, as they compliment each other very well. Or individually, for more specific concerns or conditions.

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