Grace Collection: Rose Quartz

Rescue and rehabilitation of the Spirit... Something all of us need, to some extent, in todays face paced, stressful world. Rose quartz is one of my ultimate favorite stones. Unconditional love and acceptance without fear. Imagine a place where we all lived by that. It's said that if you keep a piece of Rose Quartz in each corner of your bedroom, you will experience the most loving relationships. Check out our bags of Raw Cut Rose Quartz Crystals. They are perfect for placing around the home. You can also create an essence by placing them in your animals water dish. Great for community pet bowls. We have noticed that all of the pets that share it become more loving and gentle to one another. According to ancient legend, Eros brought Rose Quartz to the Earth in the hope that it's beautiful color would arose love and desire among people. Today this very important and easily recognizable pinkish stone is an essential part of a crystal collection. It is one of the most beneficial gemstones when working with rescued and abused animals. 

Some recommendations for using Rose Quartz in animal healing:
* dissipates fear, engenders confidence and love
* opens the heart chakra to release stored up negative emotions
* brings gentleness, softening hardened traits
* soothes and reduces stress
* encourages trust with other animals and humans
* nervousness, anger and aggression
* eases muscle tension and ridigity
* softening effect to the mind, body and spirit.

Some associated healing attributes of Rose Quartz for humans:
* transmits unconditional love for oneself and others
* supportive in moments of emotional stress and shock
* encourages forgiveness and trust
* depression
* gentleness, tenderness, absolute calm and a connection to ones spiritual self
* balances all systems of the body
* strengthens the heart
* increases fertility
* radiation 
* good for writing, art and music
* opens the mind to beautiful things

Rose Quartz Chakra association: Heart
Common sources: United States, Madagascar, Brazil, India, South Africa
Astrological association: Taurus, Libra
Chemical composition: Silicon and manganese oxide
Color: translucent pale pink to dark pink
Purification and cleansing: cleanse in cold water, salt water, sunlight. Recharge with other quartz crystal or sunlight. Recommended every two weeks. More often if using it for specific healing.

* A special thanks and recognition to all of the great writers in this field. The information we share is a compilation of bits and pieces from the many books and online information out there. I am so grateful for all of the insight. Our recommendations are based on that knowledge and not a guarantee of change.*