Mind Collection: Turquoise

Turquoise is a stone of Protection. It was discovered by crusaders in turkey, the country in which it's named for. Long been considered the "holy stone" by First Nations, turquoise is a very popular choice among riders and their horses. They believed the stone protected them from harm. Turquoise objects where found in ancient Greek and Egyptian tombs, it was considered a protection stone of antiquity and the ancient stone of power. Many people are naturally drawn to this amazing crystal. For anyone who has difficulty communicating their thoughts and feelings, or those who can't control their vocal outbursts, turquoise is the stone for you. It's most effective when worn close to your throat or your heart. 

Some of the recommendations for using turquoise in animal healing:
* master Healer, can be used for anything. 
* communication. Great for training. Even more effective if worn by the animal and the owner, trainer, groomer etc. 
* protects against negativity and environmental pollutions
* balances, aligns and fortifies all chakras and meridians.

Some of the associated healing attributes of turquoise for humans:
* protects travelers
* courage, communication and creative expression
* helps with public speaking and writing
* master healer. Good for muscles, circulation, lungs, throat, absorption of nutrients.
* aids detox
* alleviates the harmful effects of radiation.
* good for emotional balance
* offers mental and spiritual clarity to see your path in life.

Turquoise Chakra association: all chakras, mainly the throat. 
Common sources: USA, China, Tibet, Afghanistan, Austria, Iran, Israel, Tanzania, Arizona, Mexico.
Astrological association: Scorpio, sagittarius, Pisces.
Chemical composition: basic hydrated aluminum and copper phosphate. 
Color: blue, turquoise, green
Purification and cleansing: cold water, incense. Recharge in limited sunlight or with a quartz cluster.

*A special thanks and recognition to all of the great writers in this field. The information we share is a compilation of bits and pieces from the many books and online information out there. I am so grateful for all of the insight. Our recommendations are based on that knowledge and not a guarantee of change.*