Spirit Collection: Amethyst

In ancient times, amethyst was known for its calming effects and it's ability to soothe and clear the mind. In the middle ages, it was recognized that this beautiful quartz banished negative thoughts, encouraged kindness and understanding. Displaying amethyst in your home balances the atmosphere, bringing energy but also a sense of calm. Amethyst is found as crystals in masses. Its purple color is due to the manganese and iron inclusions. Amethyst is a stone that should be worn for long periods of time. For a particular ailment it's best to be placed close to the affected area, touching the body. This beautiful "master healer" is a must have in your collection of stones. Place it around your home, keep it close in your pockets, add it to your water bottle. Surround yourself in the soothing energy of this crystal. 

Some recommendations for using Amethyst for animal healing:
* master healer and the most important stone of our collections.
* eases the pain of losing a loved
* calming stone
* soothes fear and stresses
* fear, panic attacks
* separation anxiety

Some associated healing attributes of Amethyst for Humans: 
* calms an overactive inner dialogue
* helps overcome grief
* eases addictions
* calms overactive violent emotions and anger
* soothes nervous problems
* placed under a pillow, encourages deep sleep, alleviates nightmares, and allows a clearer comprehension of dreams.
* stimulates intuition and inspiration
* heals the causes of dis-ease
* overall protection, physical, emotional and mental balance
* overcoming addictions

Amethyst Chakra association: crown, third eye
Common sources: Brazil, Uruguay, south Africa, Madagascar, India 
Astrological association: Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
Chemical composition: Silicon oxide, iron, manganese
Color: deep violet, almost black to pale lavender
Purification and cleansing: cleanse in cold water, salt water, limited sunlight. Recharge with other quartz crystal, limited sunlight. Do this once or twice a month.

* A special thanks and recognition to all of the great writers in this field. The information we share is a compilation of bits and pieces from the many books and online information out there. I am so grateful for all of the insight. Our recommendations are based on that knowledge and not a guarantee of change.*