Spirit Collection: Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a beautiful cool green quartz crystal. It is strongly indicated for various emotional problems in animals and humans. In ancient Greece Aventurine was sewn into the cloths of men going to war to preserve their courage and optimism. It is said to enhance the sense of humor and cheerfulness of its possessor. Green aventurine supports the heart, emotionally and physically

Some recommendations for Green Aventurine in animal healing:
* boosts resistance to stressful situations
* heals emotional scars
* confidence
* soothes fear and nervousness 
* over sensitivity
* past abuse
* building close, trusting relationships
* also beneficial to nervous riders.

Some associated healing attributes of Green Aventurine for humans:
* creativity
* pre-exam and exam stress
* good for muscles, adrenals and urogenital system
* protects, calms and soothes emotions
* aids in relaxation
* helps those who do not feel loved and have difficulty opening their hearts
* favors empathy and compassion
* reinforces, stabilizes and regenerates the heart
* insomnia
* supports during the treatment of malignant diseases

Green Aventurine Chakra association: heart
Common sources: Brazil, India, Russia, 
Astrological association: Aries, Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius
Element: earth
Chemical composition: Silicate oxide. A form of quartz.
Color: green, may appear sparkly because of the presence of mica.
Purification and cleansing: cleanse in cold water, salt water, sunlight. Recharge with other quartz crystal or sunlight. Recommended every two weeks. More often if using it for specific healing.

* A special thanks and recognition to all of the great writers in this field. The information we share is a compilation of bits and pieces from the many books and online information out there. We are so grateful for this insight. Our recommendations are based on this knowledge and not a guarantee of change.*