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Rhythm Beads

Native Americans believed that the soft sound of brass bells used on ceremonial rhythm beads would calm their horses, allowing the horse and rider to become one, totally focused, truly harmonious. Others believe that the gentle sound of the bells accentuates the rhythm of the horses gait or improves their stride rhythm. The sound of the bells also creates a "white noise" effectively blocking distractions. They also alert wildlife and other riders of your approach on the trail. Today, Rhythm beads are being used as a valuable training aid to improve performance in the arena for both horse and rider.

Rhythm Beads have been created to enhance your horses overall health and well being through crystal healing. The power of crystal vibrations affect the body at a cellular/subconscious level to both heal and influence, emotionally and physically and spiritually. Our combinations of gemstones have been chosen specifically for their common therapeutic qualities. A beautiful mix of brass bells from Napal and high quality leather compliment the natural gemstone beads. We have added leather lacing for comfort and adjustability as well as an alligator clip to attach the set to the mane. Our Rhythm Beads will fit a pony of 45" to a draft horse of 70". Each one is designed and handmade by us. Made when you order which make them unique and special to you and your horse.    


The Body collection is made up of four gemstones:

Tiger Iron - a mix of hematite, jasper and tigers eye. Physical vitality. May help with the health of the muscles and blood. The digestive system. Strengthening of the body.

Black Tourmaline - May help protect your animal from environmental toxins such as background radiation. Used for stiffness and pain in the limbs. Protects against emotional negativity.

Citrine - Protects against radiation, stress and shock. Nausea and vomiting, a"feel better" stone. Digestive system and related disorders. May help to strengthen the immune system.

Smokey Quartz - new environments, change, grounding, protecting, clears negative energy. Smokey grey in color. *Cleanse and recharge your gemstones at least once a month by rinsing under water or placing in the sunlight/moonlight for a day.

Heelerz Tip: Cleanse and recharge your gemstones at least once a month by rinsing under water or placing in the sunlight/moonlight for a day.  

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