Comfort Collection Companion Pack


Our Companion packs have you and your pet/horse in mind. Available in a Antique adjustable leather bracelet in either a 1mm leather or 2mm leather or stretch style.  Includes a tie style charm which can be used on a pet, horse or even tied on a backpack, purse, etc.

Connections between you and your animal are much stronger when you both have the same energy.  

Comfort Collection gemstones:

Dumorterite - Help balance motion related disorders, travel sickness, nervous system disorders, colic, diarrhea, headaches, nausea and vomiting, emotion tension and anxiety.

Moonstone - easing the digestive system, calming excess acid, calms the stomach, protection for travellers, new beginnings and endings, helps with water retention, constipation and swelling. Insect bites, soothing, helps with oversensitivity.

Citrine - Protects against radiation, stress and shock. Nausea and vomiting, a"feel better" stone. Digestive system and related disorders. May help to strengthen the immune system.

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Heelerz Tip: Cleanse and recharge your gemstones at least once a month by rinsing under water or placing in the sunlight/moonlight for a day. 

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