Body Collection Stretch Bracelet


Our stretch Collection Bracelets are handmade using tiger ebony beads from the Philippines and our precious gemstones. We offer them in 6mm or 8mm beads which are strung on a vulcanized rubber cord for strength and ease of wear. We make them in sizes medium (7”) large(7.5”)and XL(8”). Please contact us for custom sizes.

Tiger Ebony is a natural wood and is not coated or treated with anything. So colors vary with each order. The natural oils in our skin enhance the colours over time to become these rich, beautiful tones.

Body Collection: recommended for Environmental protection and strength of the body. 

Black Tourmaline : may help protect your horse from environmental toxins from rays and radiation such as overhead power-lines and transformers. Used for stiffness and pain in the limbs. Protects against emotional negativity. 

Citrine may help to strengthen the immune system. Protects against radiation, stress and shock, energizes. 

Tiger Iron is a mix of tigers eye, hematite and jasper. Is may be used for physical vitality, for the health of the muscles and blood, the digestive system. Strengthening and calming. 

Smokey Quartz is useful for accidents and emergencies. Beneficial in stressful situations. May help adjust to changes and settling into new places. It is a grounding stone. 

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