Grace Collection Wilderness Bells


Hand made with leather and gemstones and a hand carved Napalease Bell. Each one sounds unique. Complete with a carabiner so you can attach to your dogs collar, horses tack, your back pack, pants loop, children, etc...

Our Grace Collection is made up of three gemstones:

Recommended for quality of life, true love, a warm hug, heavenly

Quartz Crystal : Quality of life, "feel better" stone, all conditions, re-energizes, relieves negativity, focuses the mind.

Rose Quartz: Love and acceptance without fear, encourages trust, soothing, reduces stress, gentleness, heart stone.

Moonstone: Eases the digestive system, protection for travelers, new beginnings and endings, over sensitivity, wisdom and passion, intuition.

Heelerz Tip: Cleanse and recharge your gemstones at least once a month by rinsing under water or placing in the sunlight/moonlight for a day.

Learn about our Wilderness Bells here.

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