Mind Collection Pet Necklace


Pet Necklaces

Our leather pet necklaces are a mixture antique leather and gemstones. We like to incorporate healing stones with style. The leather collars are fully adjustable fitting neck sizes from sizes 6"- 26".  Each one is hand made using the traditional macramé style weaving. Metal fasteners to close. These collars are to be used in conjunction with your dogs regular collar as they are not strong enough for walking or tethering. Also great for use on cats.

Pet Necklaces come in three sizes:

Small which measures 6"-12", this is braided in our 1mm leather.

Medium which measures 10"-18", this is braided in our 2mm leather.

Large which measures 16"-26", this is done in our 3mm leather.

The Mind Collection is made up of four gemstones:

Blue Fluorite may help with precision training, balances left/right brain characteristics. May improve mental focus, coordination, and learning.

Snow Quartz may help clear the mind, allowing your horse to stay focused. Helps in learning and with concentration.

Carnelian may enhance the sense of touch, used for low energy and confidence. Mental focus and concentration.

Turquoise is the stone of protection. General Strengthener of all systems. Helps with environmental pollution and negativity. Helps with communication.

Heelerz Tip: How to Trim your leather Bracelet/Necklace: Once you have decided what fit is best you will trim the excess leather off just before the next knot like in the following picture. 

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